Algae are made into many different products with different challenges and opportunities like nutraceuticals Omega 3 EPA/DHA, cosmetics, bioplastics, animal feeds, food and potential fuels. NAA  offers students, commercially-minded algae researchers, algae farmers, process engineers, lab/equipment providers, private industry,potential investors and lenders opportunities to join together in open collaboration to fast-track commercialization and deployment of algae technologies for algae farms and algae biomanufacturing facilities.

NAA's Algae Production Workshops are designed to share information and collaborate on issues that all commercial-minded algae enthusiasts and algaepreneurs encounter: algae strains, scaling-up equipment and production processes and new markets for algae-based products. NAA is technology-neutral, but algae technologies must be proven to work outside the lab in a commercial environment before they will have any value or need to our industry. NAA is involved in identifying and collecting data on proven  algae technologies that work outside the lab, that work in a commercial environment, that are scalable with low CAPEX and that bring value and need to the algae production industry, along with sharing of information and collaboration among the stakeholders are key factors to our success in moving the algae production industry forward.

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The National Algae Association is the first non-profit 501(c)6
algae education and production trade association in the world. 

National Algae Association reserves the right to refuse the participation in any program or offeing, and registration or attendance at any of its events by any person or entity.

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NAA News:

National Algae Association Announces That It's 100-Acre Challenge Has Been Met

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National Algae Association Encourages US Algae Producers to Label Algae-based Products “Made in the USA”.

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National Algae Association Claims That Algae Won't Be Grown in Washington, DC

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Unless there is an Algae Manhattan Project of Government working with Private Industry...

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National Algae Association Selects OriginOil Harvester for its Model Algae Demonstration Site

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Algae Production Certification Course is the first online course focusing on all aspects of commercial algae production. 

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Comments from previous algae production workshops include:

"I've been going to conferences for over 30 years - you have taken collaboration to new heights!
Keep it up!"

"My experiences at the NAA in business R&D were really helpful in figuring out some of ...the future for algae. Collaboration really helped me and others learn this much more quickly."

"I want to congratulate you once again for arranging a most productive meeting.  The venue, the speakers, the networking interactions, and the energy of the day all bear witness to your superior skills."

"All they talk about at other conferences is what needs to be done - NAA isn't just talking about it - it's getting it done!"

"I always come to NAA events  because there are always results"

"Other events discuss research and what's happening in Washington - your events always showcase the progress we're making towards creating this new algae production industry."

"I wanted to say it was another great event and thank you for making them available and affordable!"

"As I left the meeting, I was totally awashed in good feelings about the Meeting and the work NAA has done in this industry....The speakers, their order, the venue, the attendees all meshed well.  Your comments help make for an informative and smooth day.  You are doing a great job, and I thank you."

"I wish to thank you on well organized and very nice meeting that met my expectations and helped us to better understand the development of algae technology.