In this age of the algaepreneur, a potent economic development tool for students, universities, colleges, private industry has been introduced to nurture emerging algae start-up companies into healthy businesses and create new jobs — the algae production incubator.

What is the Algae Production Incubator Program?

Some of America's greatest business resources lie in the effective redeployment of existing assets.  Many emerging algae growers can operate commercially cultivate, harvest and extarct as long as they have access to centralized services.  The costs can be staggering on an individual basis, but far more conducive in donated or shared services basis.  

The National Algae Association's Algae Production Incubator Program is the first of its kind.  Most upfront costs for land, water and CO2 can be costly. NAA in collaboration with universities, colleges and private industry who provide testing services to  assist a new algae start-up company.

We have landowners (hosts) whose properties include a combination of acreage, commercial buildings, greenhouses, water, and in some cases rail to the property. In return for a small percentage of the equity in a new algae start-up, landowners can provide acreage and/or commercial buildings to new algae start-up companies to scale-up commercial production once they have left an academic environment and create new jobs.  

We have access to the largest collection of algae strains in the world, work with closed-loop photobioreactor supply manufacturers,  harvesting and extraction equipment companies to arrange equipment rentals and loaners for each start-up algae producer. 

Our algae production incubator helps to reduce some of the up-front costs and risk for an new algae start-up companies getting into the commercial algae production industry. If, at the end of 12 months, the algae producer is ready to continue to scale, additional acreage and services may be provided. to help the algaepreneur expand the business.

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