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 Donated Equipment Destroyed by Academia - Why?
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To Donated Equipment - Why?

Thank you to all the parties that donated their time, equipment and instrumentation to the National Algae Association's project at Lone Star College's Biotech Institute. 

Despite advertisements by Lone Star, it severed its relationship with NAA when it became apparent that Lone Star could not honor its obligations.  

Unfortunately, a significant portion of the equipment used for this project was destroyed or converted for Lone Star’s continued use.  Repeated requests for return and replacement of the subject equipment have thus far been ignored by Lone Star. Opinions are this is NOT what academia should have done. Stay tuned...


Subject: National Algae Association

To whom it may concern:

I met Barry Cohen the Executive Director of the National Algae Association through a mutual friend, Steve Westcott. I offered to Barry Cohen the Executive Director of the NAA some older Yokogawa Equipment for a project when I was employed at Yokogawa.

This equipment was donated to the National Algae Association for a project, it was not donated to the Lone Star College.

Pete Zovath


FYI - I did just left a message with Dr. Austin Lane at Lone Star and mentioned that since we did not receive the data from Dr. Kainer based on product we donated through the NAA, that we would like to have the product picked up and given back to the NAA.



Dear National Algae Association

My association with you, Barry, and The National Algae Association, and Dr. Daniel Kainer, of Lone Star College, goes back over two years.  Using my design for the 12"x 5', 6 tube Photo-Bio Reactor, we built the PBR at Lone Star College. The purpose of the PBR was to collect algae growth data.  Dr. Kainer was to grow and test the algae, collect the growth numbers, and give them to you on a weekly basis.  In over two years, Dr. Kainer has only given the National Algae Association the data, no more than 4 or 5 times. Excuses, excuses, and more excuses have been given as to why the data has not been collected. As far as I am concerned, Dr. Kainer has not done the work he agreed to do. I am no further along now than I was 2 years ago, which is intolerable, and I am surprised that the other people involved in Lone Star's Biofuel project find it acceptable.  I am now stating that it is time to remove all the PBRs and all of the spare plastic from Lone Star College at Conroe, TX, and I would like for Dr. Kainer to please make arrangements with you directly.

Also, Dr. Kainer built 5 single tube Inoculater PBRs using my design for the single tube stand.  Dr. Kainer said he would buy several single tube incoluater PBRs from me through Algae Technology Ventures.  I had a new design, and I was going to patent it.   Dr. Kainer wanted to see the design before he purchased them.  Trusting his word, I emailed the pictures of the design, and ask him to delete them after he looked at the them.  On December 17, 2011, I was in his lab, and to my surprise, there were my design pictures laying out in full view, and the tubes were built and sitting in the lab.  My hopes to patent them was over because my new design was compromised, by being in the Public Domain.   Dr. Kainer had also asked for the part numbers for the testing equipment from Neptune Systems, I sent him an invoice with all the part numbers, and he purchased all the testing equipment, direct from Neptune systems. 

My association with Dr. Kainer is over.  This has been a huge set-back for all of us, and I would like to be able to continue my work with you and with the National Algae Association.

Ed Baker

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