​​The National Algae Association (NAA) is the first non-profit algae education and production trade association in the world that provides a platform for commercially-minded algae researchers, producers and remediation technologies using a collaborative approach in building the emerging algae production  industry a projected $3.4 billion dollar industry.  Algae can be made into nutraceutical Omega 3 EPA/DHA, cosmetics, food, feeds, bioplastics and potential fuels.

Over 75 years of Algae Research

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Only through real collaboration will algae researchers understand the needs and requirements of the commercial algae production industry. Writing more white papers, searching for the next research grant funding needs to be useful in the commercial algae production industry. It takes a variety of disciplines. Algae research today must share information in open collaboration due on the fast changing technologies and methods taking place in our industry. 
Algae Biomass Exchange​

Join the Algae Biomass Exchange a meeting place for qualified algae/seaweed producers 
and potential off-takers. Samples, tonnage with COA's available.
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World Industrial 
Photobioreactor Challenge 2020

Identifying the best PBR's on the market today 
for the commercial cultivation of botryococcus braunii, chlamydomonas reinhardtii, chlorella, dunaliella, haematococcus pluvialis, nannochloropsis, spirulina, spirulina blue (phycocyanin) or scenedesmus.

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Algae News

2018 Algae Year in Review
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2018 Interest in DOE Algae Biomass Program/BETO technologies diminishes after decades of research proved 
they don't have any technologies scalable outside the lab in demonstration or pilot tests. 
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2017 Algae Year in Review
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2016 Algae Year in Review
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Algae Production Industry
Develops New Parameters
and Standards
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Algae Biofuels 
Time for a Reality Check
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National Algae Association Claims That Algae Won't Be Grown in Washington, DC
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Join the Emerging Algae Industry 

Algae Production 
Incubator Program 

Collaboration between universities, colleges, private Industry and new algae start-ups

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​​Algae Production
Certification Program

The world's first online 
Algae Production Certification Program for students and private industry focusing on 
all aspects of commercial algae production industry.

Contact for starting dates.

​What should you expect from Algae Production

Collaboration and open, honest conversation about commercial algae production methods and remediation technologies from people who are doing it, not talking about it and not dreaming about the latest, greatest new algae research project that are not out of the lab yet or projects that can’t be verified. 

The algae industry today is being built by commercially minded algae researchers proven algae production technologies from private industry along with private investment.

GOT CO2? Commercial algae producers use approximately 1.4 tons of CO2 to produce 1 ton of algae biomass. Sequestration and utilization opportunities

Spirulina Video

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