Why Attend an NAA Event?

Comments from previous events  include

"I've been going to conferences for over 30 years - you have taken collaboration to new heights!
Keep it up!"

"My experiences at the NAA in business R&D were really helpful in figuring out some of ...the future for algae. Collaboration really helped me and others learn this much more quickly."

"I want to congratulate you once again for arranging a most productive meeting.  The venue, the speakers, the networking interactions, and the energy of the day all bear witness to your superior skills."

"All they talk about at other conferences is what needs to be done - NAA isn't just talking about it - it's getting it done!"

"I always come to NAA events  because there are always results" 

"Other events discuss research and what's happening in Washington - your events always showcase the progress we're making towards creating this new algae production industry."

"I wanted to say it was another great event and thank you for making them available and affordable!"

"As I left the meeting, I was totally awashed in good feelings about the Meeting and the work NAA has done in this industry....The speakers, their order, the venue, the attendees all meshed well.  Your comments help make for an informative and smooth day. You are doing a great job, and I thank you." 

February 2014 Workshop
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Past Algae Production Workshop

In keeping with industry trends, NAA's Workshops cover topics ranging from algae farming and indoor algae biomanufacturing for feeds, food, ingredients, cosmetics and bioplastics, to co-products made from wastewater and opportunities for sequestration of CO2 in their business models.   Lighting systems, commercial harvesting and extraction will be discussed in detail.  In addtion to a tour of Kessil Lighting, 


8:30 am - Robert Henrickson, Smart Microfarms: "Opportunities in Scalable Algae Microfarms" Emerging production, supply chains, products and marketing 
9:30 am - Matt Julius, St. Cloud State University:  "Stop seeing red while making HP turn red. Practical tips for the growth of Haematococcus pluvialis"
10:30 am - Brian Goodall, Valicor:  “Commercial Algae Production Extraction Methods”
11:30 am - Mael Disa-Vingataramin,OriginClear, Inc, Commercial harvesting.
2:00 pm - Fritz Chess, Eden Labs: "Extraction and Fractionation of Astaxanthin with Supercritical CO2" 
3:00 pm - Darryl Cotton, Inda-Gro: "Utilizing Submersible Induction Lamps for Increased Levels of Algae Production"
4:00 pm David Lowry - Kessil LED
Networking Opportunities

9:00 am - 12:00pm - Special Tour of Kessil LED and Networking  Opportuniities.

What to expect?  Collaboration and open, honest conversation about commercial algae production - not the latest, greatest new algae research technology that’s not out of the lab yet or projects that can’t be verified.  The algae production industry today is being built by private industry with private investment, not the next research grant. 
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Collaboration and networking between commercially-minded algae researchers, algae producers, engineers, equipment companies and potential investors are key to building our industry.  NAA's algae production networking workshops are based on sharing information about algae technologies that are proven to work outside of the lab, scalable with a low CAPEX that enhances the algae production industry.

See OriginOil's new A25 Harvester at work 

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