Help the US get off of foreign oil - one green tube and one raceway pond at a time.  Adopt a tube or pond and be a
part of history and sponsor an Algae Production Incubator

The U.S. spends $700 billion dollars per year on foreign oil.  This is NOT acceptable nor sustainable.

Algae is one solution to help get us off of foreign oil, become energy independent and create new jobs. Algae is renewable, does not affect the food channel, and consumes CO2.  The algae industry is projected to become approximately  a $1.4 trillion dollar industry.  In the process of building out this emerging industry, algaepreneurs and algae farmers are starting to scale-up commercial-scale algae farms throughout the US.  

One of the ways to produce algae on a commercial scale is in vertical closed-loop photobioreactors, which are series of skid-mounted tubes strategically placed to optimize algae growth using sunlight, nutrients and CO2.  In order to help fund commercial algae production farms, the National Algae Association is asking for donations from corporations and the general public who share our vision and want to get off of foreign oil, become energy independent and create new jobs in the US - one green tube at a time! 

What would happen if we took a portion of that $700 billion dollars we spend every year and started scaling-up algae farms in the US?  Do we want to wait for oil to go up to $120 + per barrel again?  Look, we are not going to get totally off of fossil fuel any time soon BUT we can start to become self-sustainable today.

Show your commitment to energy independence!

Show your commitment to creating green jobs in the US!

Your donation will help the National Algae Association to fund the development of our Algae Production Incubator Program projects throughout the US and to provide college scholarships to students interested in commercial algae production and energy independence. 

Be a part of history and donate now!  Your donation will help algae start-ups begin building out commercial-scale algae farms in the US. 

No amount is too small or insignificant

$1,000 donation - name placed on one growing tube.

$5,000 donation - name placed on one bank of growing tubes.


If you choose to make a donation to the National Algae Association, your credit card information will be used only for this transaction through our secure online payment system at PayPal.  The National Algae Association does not retain credit card information.

If you prefer to make a donation by check, it should be made payable to the National Algae Association and mailed to:

National Algae Association 
4747 Research Forest Dr., Suite 180
The Woodlands, Texas 77381
Attn: Donations


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