For Commercial Algae Producers and Commercially-Minded Algae Researchers interested in Commercial Opportunities

New Evodos Type 25 centrifuge is brand new in the crate, never opened.

The unit is designed to operate fully automatic in a 24/7 mode. It is very suitable to process dedicated flows that vary between 1000 and 3500 L/hour. The Evodos type 25 is a dynamic settler that deploys Evodos' Spiral Plate Technology, like all other Evodos Dynamic Settlers. 

The Spiral Plate Technology allows high separation effectiveness at minimal energy demand. Under laminar flow, the suspended particles sediment at a minimum settling distance. The solids are discharged as dry as possible with Dynamic Settler technology, since the remaining process liquid is removed from the drum before actual discharge. The highly effective separation process takes place with a minimal energy demand. No chemicals are needed. The result is a highly effective chemical free separation combined with dry solid discharge at low energy requirement. 

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Turn-key Microalgae Cultivation Pond Facility in Southern California

The farm covers 4 acres and can be expanded to 6 acres if desired (the land is on a 10 year lease than can be extended). It is located 10 miles inland in North San Diego County, ideal climate conditions for microalgae. Currently 20 covered lined raceway ponds (paddlewheels, motors, controllers all included) are in place, various sizes including 4 of the largest size - 600 square meters in size covering 1-2 acres of the current 4 available. All of the electric needs are in place and operational, likewise water, pumps, storage tanks and plumbing. Harvesting (settling tanks and centrifuge) and drying (drum dryer with boiler) are also integrated, as is a large freezer storage space for product (and vacuum packaging). CO2 bulk storage tanks and piping as well as nutrient storage container (and a sizeable inventory of nutrients) as well as a laboratory trailer are all on site.

This site has been used for 2 years as a pilot/commercial demo facility for a technology that now in the commercial scale planning stage. The site includes a small house suitable for a production manager.
Available starting in January/February. Terms negotiable, experienced staff available for starting up etc. (or longer) if desired, site visit welcomed. Rapid response to any inquiries. For further information contact:

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Scalable microalgae systems for entrepreneurs for small
commercial farms, community and urban gardens, and rooftop and vertical farms for growing high value superfood that is local, sustainable and profitable.

2.        Immediate requirement for a toll manufacturer of microalgae biomass to grow Dunaliella Salina. 150 kg (dry biomass weight) in the first year.

3.       17 acre site with 5 commercial buildings near Dallas.Ft. Worth, Texas      available for new Algae Production Incubator start-ups.

4.200 acre site with 2 buildings near Pecos, Texas available for Algae Production Incubator start-ups. (see

5.Female owned start-up company searching for 3-10+ acres within 1 hour commute to a large city in any of the southwestern states. Group has developed method for growing a higher standard food grade algae. We are a family owned company with expertise in chemistry, environmental engineering and international relations. Degrees have been obtained from George Washington (DC), Oregon State and Portland State Universities.

6.Houston company interested in starting an NAA algae production incubator program. Building is 30,000 sq feet with all utilities. Suitable for indoor algae biomanufacturing.

7.Near UMass Amherst.  It has a water supply well which will provide up to three hundred gallons per minute.  It has four tanks which are 50 feet across and ten feet deep.  In addition there are 10 8 ft diameter tanks five feet deep.  There is three phase 480 volt elec. available.  There is a two inch natural gas line into the site.  The electric lines need to be replaced.  The building is aprox. 40,000 sqft  The upper floor is 22,500 sqft  which was originally hydroponic greenhouse space and could be again.   There is an additional 3000 sqft tank facility which could be used. There is a 3000 sqft house on the site which could be rented as of next summer.  It is currently rented to students.  There are ponds on the site which could be used seasonally.  

8.$100 million dollar algae to wastewater project.  Must be able to scale on 25 acres.

9.Canadian company is looking for a US partner to demonstrate its hybrid algae grow system in the US

10.      The land is located in Arroyo City, Texas and is part of the Taiwan Shrimp Farm Development.  There is a water system in place where fresh water is pumped in from the Arroyo Colorado to a series of ponds.  Some are used for shrimp farming, some for crabs and some were used recently for experimental algae production. Company is offering about 25 acres (3 ponds) and can find more land if need be for JV opportunity.  The land is near the Port Of Brownsville and has nearby railroad access for purposes.

11.     One tract of 20 acres and one of 100 acres owned by a Port Authority.  Both sites are cleared and flat.  They are green field sites.  The Authority prefers to long-term lease its properties to companies that could increase commercial barge traffic at its turning basin.   An adjacent chemical plant produces nearly pure CO2 as a by product.  We have a local individual who is in the process of establishing fractionators for producing jet fuel for the military.  There might be some joint cooperation here. Two railroad companies share a line along the property line of the 100-acre tract, which provides another means of moving product. 

12.     Industrial Vertical Photobioreactors JV Opportunity

Algae Inoculant Available: 

1. Scenedesmus - 5 gallon min.

2. Nannochloropsis - 5 gallon min.

3. Spirulina - 5 gallon min.

4. Chlorella - 5 gallon min.

5. Unialgal HP cultures (20L)  Cost is $340 plus shipping

6. Relatively new northeast grower of Haemoccocus Pluvialis is now in the market and is able to sell 16 kg/month of algae with a minimum of 2.5% caratinoids. All of the equipment used meets FDA standards. The Company has had two sets of samples tested for purity and would agree to further testing with serious purchasers.

The Company is willing to work with the purchaser to determine whether the final delivered product is spray-dried, in oleo resin form or is dried and uncracked.

Plans are in place and space available to reach over 100kg/month of consistently delivering this product in a relatively short period of time depending on financing externally or in-house.

The company is looking for a fair price and a mutally beneficial off-take agreement

Site visits are welcome for serious prospctive purchasers.

Algae Nutrients Available:

Plant Growth 

A bionutrient fertilizer provides nutrients in measurable NPK form as well as the microbial isolates to stimulate plant growth and expansion of the microbial biomass in the soil. The improved soil carbon content is measurable and the crop performance is measurable (higher sugar content, quality and yields). We offer a practical alternative to fossil-based chemical fertilizers.

This is a liquid product for water run, field spray, foliar or seed row application. 5-gallon for garden and greenhouse uses. Truckload quantities (5,000 - 7,000 gallon) for commercial applications. 

Animal Feed Supplements

Ideal additive to a wide variety of feed rations for aquaculture, pork, poultry, dairy, beef, pet foods, zoo animal feeds, and more. The unique combination of proteins, fatty acids and pigments are easily digestible and improve feed efficiency, conversion and immune function.

Available in powder or pellets in 20Kg Bags.

Algae Strains/Biomass For Sale:

1.Algae inoculant available - 1 liter/1 gallon quantities up to 2,500 gallons available depending on 30 % Oil/Lipid ideal no more than 30% ash strain.

2.Just under 40 tonnes of algal biomass is available immediately, with potential to provide 0.7 to 1.5 tonnes per day of 10% paste with exisiting plant and ability to access up to 800 tonnes per annum dry basis from our existing sites with expanded operations. New Zealand

3.Algae growing company has biomass with at least 4% Astaxathin for sale.  Within six months 60 kg/week, within 12 months 1,260 kg/week, and within 24 months 3,200 kg/week.  Willing to work with purchaser on the form and state of the biomass.

4.Botryococcus Braunii UTEX 2441 aka SAG 30.81, at least 1 million cells per ml. 
50 ml for $25/- (will innoculate 500ml). 
1 liter for $200/- (will innoculate 10 liters). 

  Botryococcus Braunii UTEX 572 aka CCAP 807/1; SAG B 807-1; IAM C-529 , of at least 1 million cells per ml.   This is a faster growing algae but cannot live above 85 degrees Fahrenheit 
50 ml for $50/- (will inoculate 500ml). 
1 liter for $300/- (will inoculate 10 liters). 

150 ml of nutrient solution $5/- . 
1 litre of nutrient solution $50/- . 

  Dry Algae Powder
Botryococcus Braunii UTEX 2441 aka SAG 30.81 
50 gm for $50/- 
  Botryococcus Braunii UTEX 572 aka CCAP 807/1; SAG B 807-1; IAM C-529 
50 gm for $100/- For larger orders, supplier needs some lead time 

5.1/4 acre scale production of mono strain dry algae. Interested in etablishing algae buyer connections for future purchase of tons of algae per week.  Interested in testing algae harvesting equipment with a production goal of processing one ton of dry weight algae per day.

6.  10,000-30,000 gallons of algae biomass for sale from Missouri  algae farm

7.  Nannochoropsis available in quantity for sale

8. Chlorella available (10, 20, 30% moisture) for sale

9. Sprirulina available in quantity for sale.

Algae Growers Needed:

1. Spirulina Growers needed Texas and Louisiana immediately.  Off-take contracts available if you can grow to spec.

2. Haematococcus Pluvialis  and Nannochloropsis Growers needed immediately in Texas.  Off-take contacts available if you can grow to spec.


1.     Algae inoculation and commercial production algae equipment sales representatives need immediately throughout the US.

2.     Commercial Pond Builder-Technician/Operation - Full Time Job Opportunity

Key Resposibilities:

Build pond, greenhouse, electrical and mechanical systems according to         plan 
Order and obtain required materials 
Operate algae production facilities 
Laboratory analysis of samples 
Ongoing communication with supervisor and co-workers 
Completion of tasks according to timeline

Samples Needed:

1.Spirulina - dry

2.Minimum 1 pint sample of Algae oil lipids containing primarily triglycerides with a majority of C-16 & C-18 chain lengths. This would be tested in a chemical process which currently uses soybean oil.

3.100 grams of both PBR and Fermentation tank algae. 

4.2 lbs of algae - dried is preferred but wet will be fine

5.Lyophilised (freeze dried finished) product needed

Company  wants 25 kilos, but wants a sample first to evaluate ( after seeing detailed specifications sheet).

6.Dunaliella or Chlamydomonas reinhardtii 5 liter paste needed.

Algae Product Needs:

1.500 Kg Nannochloropsis 
  30 % Oil/Lipid ideal
           no more than 30% ash 

2.Nannochloros Pulvaris - 10-15 moisture needed.

3.Chinese Import & Export compan looking large quatities of algae nutrients.

4.Need chlorophyll extract from algae.  Can be a mixture of chlorophyll–a, -b, and –c. I’m looking for gram to kilogram quantities

5.Need 100 lbs (dry wieght) of >25% oil content, low ash content, and high producibility. Can be either dried or paste. The mass will be tested as fuel, not feed. If tests go well, can forsee 100 to 1000 tons per year demand.

6.Seaweed  needed - Lessonia Nigrescens, Durvillaea Antarctica(Cochayuyo), Macrocystis SPP., kelp, Ecklonia maxima, Durvillaea potatorum,Undaria pinnatifida,Ascophyllum Nodosum,Sargassum,Cottonii,  Kombu,Laminaria digitata,Laminaria hyperborea,Laminaria saccharina and Laminaria Japonica.

If you are interesterd in any of these opportunities, please contact: and reference the opportunity number in the subject line