CLEAN THE GREEN is a grass-roots fundraising campaign to help deploy environmentally-sound algae blooms and HAB remediation technologies by working 
with stakeholders to minimizing the causes. 

Help clean the ugly, smelly green eyesorer algae Blooms and HABs that are a health risk 
to humans and animals in our waterways. 
(ie, rivers, lakes, oceans)

​Immediate algae bloom & HAB remediation needs to be attacked aggressively along with long-term maintenance of contaminated waterways to reduce algae blooms & HABs 
and restore water quality. 

We are also identifying opportunities of repurposing algae blooms and HABs into products.

If you weren't able to enjoy your normal lake activities this past summer. If your waterfront property values are decreasing due to these eyesorer and stench of the shoreline. If you are concerned about fishing, swimming, tourism, local economies, health risks to humans and animals this fundraising campaign is for you! 


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Algae Bloom & HAB History

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$2,500 - $25,000 levels available

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