Toxic Algae Blooms: What You Should Know​​

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Researchers search for clues to toxic algae blooms

​Toxic Algae Blooms in Massachusetts - video

The Harmful Algal Blooms in Florida

As Climate Warms, Algae Blooms In Drinking Water Supplies

What is a red tide?

HARMFUL ALGAE BLOOMS - "A harmful algal bloom (HAB) contains organisms that can severely lower oxygen levels in natural waters, killing marine life. Some HABs are associated with algae-produced toxins. Blooms can last from a few days to many months. After the bloom dies, the microbes which decompose the dead algae use up even more of the oxygen, which can create fish die-offs. When these zones of depleted oxygen cover a large area for an extended period of time, they are referred to as dead zones, where neither fish nor plants are able to survive.  

HABs are induced by an overabundance of nutrients in the water. The two most common nutrients are fixed nitrogen (nitrates, ammonia, urea) and phosphate. These nutrients are emitted by agriculture, other industries, excessive fertilizer use in urban/suburban areas and associated urban runoff. Higher water temperature and low circulation are contributing factors. HABs can cause significant harm to animals, the environment and economies. They have been increasing in size and frequency worldwide, a fact that many experts attribute to global climate change".  Wikipedia

Join solutions-oriented researchers and remediation technology companies as they tackle the reduction and remediation of worsening bloom and red tide events taking place in the US and throughout the world. Due to the different types of bloom problems in canals, streams, rivers, lakes, marina's and coastlines NAA facilitates Algae Bloom & HAB Remediation Workshops Series at various locations to help find holistic, end-to-end, decentralized, remediation solutions that are proven outside the lab, scalable that are economically feasible and eco-friendly that can be implemented today by states, counties, canal, lake, marina, homeowner associations and various water authorities.

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Across U.S., Eruptions of Toxic Algae Plague Lakes, Threatening Drinking Water and Recreation

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Harmful Algal Blooms
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