Algae Production Certification Program

Cost: $500 per student

The National Algae Association is proud to announce its new online Algae Production Certification Program.  NAA was the first association in the world to promote education based on all aspects of commercial algae production, the first to provide an algae production incubator program, and now, the first to offer our algae production certification program online. Our algae production certification course is geared towards students, veterans, and algae enthusiasts interested in being a part of a potential $1.4 billion dollar market. (Pikes Research).

Our Certification Course will encompass the major components needed to introduce individuals to the multifaceted concepts of not only strain selection, cultivation, harvesting, and bioproduction methods; but also the economic considerations prevalent in the commercial algae production industry.  The NAA Algae Production and Certification Course is continuously evolving and will be updated regularly to address the most current commercial algae production technologies and methods for students, vets, algaepreneurs, algae enthusiasts, and commercial equipment providers. The Course will not only give the participant an inside track on the current applications involved in algae production, but also the added value when networking with the movers and shakers inside the algae industry. 

Private industry has moved into the algae production industry due to the slowness, lack of direction and inability to achieve success that the DOE biorefinery efforts have shown. Algaepreneurs, commercially-minded algae researchers and private industry have been moving the algae industry forward faster through collaboration of commercially-minded algae researchers and algaepreneurs efforts along with private investment. 

The NAA Algae Production Certification designation was introduced as an objective measure of the experience, knowledge and integrity that is necessary to conduct commercial algae production. The NAA Certification Program establishes quality standards for an otherwise unregulated industry.


The NAA Algae Production Certification designation provides evidence of an individual’s commitment to the commercial algae production industry and also attests to a level of expertise that non-certified professionals may find difficult to prove. Completing the algae production certification process provides an algaepreneur with a solid foundation to operate successfully in the algae production industry and could very well enhance knowledge of the commercial algae production industry.


Demonstrate your commitment, competency and expertise in algae production
Distinguish yourself from your professional colleagues
Raise your stature in the algae production industry and gain a competitive edge
Promote the professionalism of the commercial algae production industry

To register, follow the link below.   Signing up and making your payment does not guarantee that you will be accepted for the Course.  If you are not accepted, your payment will be refunded in full. For information contact: