2010 Press Releases

December 20, 2010:  National Algae Association Applauds Passage of Tax Relief Act

National Algae Association Executive Director Barry Cohen applauds the passage of the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010.  For full story, click here

October 16, 2010:  National Algae Association Executive Director Barry Cohen Named to Top 100 People in Bioenergy 

The poll, conducted by Biofuels Digest, attracted more than 15,000 votes from Digest readers, and more than 400 individuals received votes, including more than 150 write in candidates.  The Top 100 people include representatives from the Department of Energy, the USDA, and universities and companies from around the world.  Click here for complete press release.

September 29, 2010:  Commercial-Scale Algae Production Incubator to Begin on October 1 

The National Algae Association is starting a new algae production incubator to help lower the costs and risks as scale-up build-outs begin in the algae production industry.  Click here for complete press release.

September 10, 2010:  Major University Admits Hard Science Problems Relating to Algae Have Been Solved

Arizona State University Senior Vice President Rick Shangraw was recently quoted as saying algae will “deliver soon” because “most of the hard science problems regarding algae have been solved. Now," he said, "it's largely an engineering problem."   Click here for complete press release.

August 8, 2010:  NAA Issues Policy Guidelines

The National Algae Association, a 501(c)6 association whose mission is to fast-track commercialization of the algae production industry, has announced the following policy guidelines:

In an attempt to cut down on all the noise and claims about particular algae production systems, the NAA will not endorse any system or technology designed for growing, harvesting or extraction that has not been benchmarked and results verified by approved outside third parties. Once the data is verified by the NAA's engineering and research committees, NAA will test for scalability on acreage before issuing endorsements.

May 11, 2010:  

National Algae Association and Algae Industry Magazine Announce Algae Innovation Awards 

The Woodlands, Texas  Collaboration between new algae production companies, researchers and equipment providers is expanding 

Strategic alliances are being developed in forming the algae industry. We have all come together wanting to reduce our dependency on foreign oil, create new jobs and for the US to become self-sustainable.  Click here for complete press release.