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Algae Production and Networking Workshop

Richmond, California
April 23-24, 2015

Algae are made into many different ingredients, materials and products. The National Algae Association’s next Algae Production Networking Workshop will focus on Nutraceutical - Omega 3 EPA/DHA, the highest value product made from algae.  NAA will highlight best practices in inoculation, cultvation, harvesting and extraction methods for the commercial production of haematococcus pluvialis for astaxanthin.

Due to the US government's continued support for more algae fuel research needed and lack of support for commercialization and deployment, commercial algae producers in the US have temporarily moved from algae-based fuels to c0-products.  Most commercially-minded algae researchers, algae producers and equipment companies are not building biorefineries for fuels but  are focusing on algae farming and indoor algae biomanufacturing for higher value products like nutraceuticals Omega 3 EPA/DHA, cosmetics, feeds, food, ingredients and bioplastics. Wastewater usage and the sequestration of CO2 at coal-fired and cement plants are also in their business models.
The Workshop will also include presentations on these topics.

Since lighting systems are a major factor in growing algae indoors, experts will compare LED and non-LED lighting will be leading collaborative discussions on benefits, non-benefits and costs.

Commercial harvesting and extraction presentations will be discussed based on commercial production capabilities and costs.

(Confirmed presenters to date):

Algysis, LCC
Eden Labs, LLC
Origin Oil

NAA as an association is technology neutral.  Our focus is on proven technologies that work outside the lab and can work in commercial production.  Despite what some people think, in the investment community the technologies have virtually no value until they are proven.  Our workshops are designed to educate and create value in algae IP, strains, production processes, equipment and potential markets.   We provide training and new market opportunities through our Algae Production Incubator Program and Algae Biomass Exchange on Linkedin for qualified algae buyers and sellers of algae biomass.

If you are interested in presenting at our upcoming April 23, 2015 Algae Production Workshop in California and have proven technologies that can scale outside the lab, please submit your presentation for review to: by March 15, 2015  or contact 936.321.1125

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The National Algae Association is the first non-profit 501(c)6 algae production trade association in the world. It's where private industry, commercially-minded algae researchers, engineers, commercial equipment providers and potential investors/lenders join together in collaboration in moving the algae production industry forward.

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