Algae Production
Certification Program

The world's first online 
Algae Production Certification Program for students and private industry focusing on 
all aspects of commercial algae production industry.
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Algae Biomass Exchange 

Where qualified algae producers
meet potential off-takers and potential customers. 

*All samples available with COA's

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Bio-based Co-Products - Carbon Sequestration and Utilization - Water Reuse - Wastewater Remediation  - Algae Bloom Remediation
Algae Production
Incubator Program

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The National Algae Association 
Means Business
 for the Algae Industry​

Taxpayers have spent over $2.5 billion dollars on algae research for the last 70 years. NAA continues to promote balance between the university algae research world, private industry and the investment community. With all due respect to constrained algae research grant recipients, there is a huge learning curve between what goes on in their labs and commercial scale-up and deployment. That is why the National Algae Association was created as the first non-profit algae education and production industry trade association in the world over 12 years ago. 

We know for a fact that universities have lost potential licensing opportunities due to the restrictions put on them by research grants, their egos and not understanding the needs of the commercial algae production industry. Researchers have tried to write industrial standards without ever deploying their technologies or ever being in industrial algae production. How can algae technologies have any value if they are not deployed outside the lab?

"University research is working against the odds. Three out of 10 patents registered have a chance of getting licensed, and chances of that happening drop to 20% after 5 years."(Columbia University)

Only through real collaboration will algae researchers understand the needs of the commercial algae production industry. Writing more white papers or searching for the next research grant does not make an industry. It takes a variety of disciplines.

Private industry, private investment and commercial lenders want to see real commercial production opportunities, not algae technologies sitting on shelves at universities and government labs for decades. They want to see results:

  • Commercial inoculation, cultivation in closed-loop photobioreactors,  fermentation tanks, harvesting, and/or extraction systems and equipment all at one location.

  • Commercial algae production of high value nutraceutical Omega 3 EPA/DHA - astaxanthin, cosmetics, food, ingredients, animal feeds and bioplastics with COA's. 

  • Commercial off-take contracts and customers.

  • Commercial CO2 and utilization systems, wastewater remediation and co-products produced from wastewater and secondary water.

Open Collaboration between 
Research and Private Industry

The National Algae Association is the business intelligence for the algae production industry. We provide a platform for commercially-minded algae researchers, algae producers, equipment companies and water process engineers in a collaborative approach in helping to build the algae production industry.

We provide educational Algae Production Workshops and Networking Events, an Algae Biomass Incubator Program and online Algae Production Certification Program for students, algaepreneurs, private industry and the investment community interested in learning about the commercial algae production industry, markets and supply channels.

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NAA News:

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Unless there is an Algae Manhattan Project of Government working with Private Industry...
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What should you expect from Algae Production Workshops?

Collaboration and open, honest conversation about commercial algae production methods and technologies from people who are doing it, not talking about it and not dreaming about the latest, greatest new algae research project that are not out of the lab yet or projects that can’t be verified. 

The algae production industry today is being built by commercially-proven algae methods and technologies, private industry and private investment.​​​

​The 'BIG' Prize

Our Sponsors
Microbiologist Wanted!

Los Angeles, CA algae startup focusing on spirulina cultivation looking to expand operation to a full scale production facility in the Palmdale/Antelope Valley region. Further out, aim is to diversify and expand operation into cultivation of other algal species. With so much potential on the horizon, this is a truly exciting time. 

An ideal candidate is someone who embraces change, strives for continuous improvement, understands the importance of commitment and is passionate about expanding their knowledge base. Looking for someone who can transition from a part time employee to a full time team member over the course of the next year. If interested please send resume