The National Algae Association is the first non-profit algae production trade association in the world. With over 60 years of algae research behind us and enhancements being made to existing technologies everday NAA supports the scale-up of commercial algae farms and indoor algae biomanufacturing facilities.

Join commercially-driven algaepreneurs, researchers, equipment companies in building the algae production industry. Be involved and make presention at our upcoming Commercial Algae Production Networking Workshop .Sharing of information and collaboration is key to building  the algae production industry.

Call for Presentations

We will be focusing on five (5) areas of interest:

  • Commercial cultivation, harvesting and extraction of  haematococcus pluvialis for astaxanthin

  • Algae to feeds

  • Spirulina for food

  • CO2 sequestration at coal-fired power plants

  • Using sterilized wastewater

If you would like to make presentation and beleive you can add value to these topics and want to be involved in the fast-track commercialization and deployment of the algae production industry, please submit your presentation by June 30  2014. Our workshops are open and collaborative forums to learn and share information in the different methods and commercial processes involved in the algae production industry. Selected presentations will be announced.


1. HP for Astaxanthin - extraction options

- Crack or don't crack stressed dried material.
- Which drying method?
- Does it make more sense to sell HP directly to an extractor or              contract for oleoresin extraction and sell astaxanthin.
- How do you stress (many levels)
- In the growth container or in a separate system
- How long, when do you know you are done without an GC/MS             analysis

2. Feeds

- Dairy and Beef Cattle
- Poultry
- Swine
- Tropical and Cold Water Fish
- Shrimp

3. Food

-  Spirulina for food

4. CO2 Sequestration - EPA aims to slash existing power plants’ CO2 by 30% .  How will that affect commercial algae production?

- Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) - a viable CO2
  mitigation tool enabling coal fired-power and cement plants to lower     CO2 emissions and particpate in
  co-products made from CO2.

5. Wastewater

- Using wastewater to grow algae for fuels.
- Using algae to clean wastewater.

*Submit presentations to: by August 30, 2014

Algae Production Certification Program 2014

In continuing its efforts to fast-track commercialization and deployment efforts, the NAA offers its Algae Production Certification Course to students, algaepreneurs and private industry to encompass the major components needed to introduce individuals to the multifaceted concepts of not only strain selection, cultivation, harvesting, and  extraction methods; but also the economic considerations prevalent in the commercial algae production industry.

Spring Session Enrollment Special

Register during the month of March to receive:

1. Free one-year student membership to the National Algae Association
    when registered for the  Algae Production Certification Course

2. Purchase 3 get 1 free

   *Course contents are updated on an ongoing basis.


The National Algae Association's next workshop will be held in May 2014. We will focus on progress in commercial algae cultivation, harvesting and extraction methods and technologies, along with proven technologies that are ready for commercial-scale algae production and moving towards standardization.

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Algae Production Certification Course is the first online course focusing on all aspects of commercial algae production. 

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