The 'Bad' Algae
 Blue-green algae - the troublemakers
 in marinas, lakes and coastlines

A collaboration of commercially-minded algae bloom and HAB researchers, remediation technologies and nutrient stewardship farmers working on the reduction of nutrient runoff at nonpoint sources entering waterways to help in algae bloom and HAB remediation results and mitigate risk. Cropland effluents at farm edges to grow algae for biofertilizer and other potential products. 


The 'Good' Algae
 Microalgae cultivated in clean water
 and controlled environment​
A collaboration of commercially-minded algae researchers and algae producers of nutraceutical Omega 3 EPA/DHA - astaxanthin, cosmetics, food, feeds, biofertilizer and bioplastics. 

Note: All samples, tonnage and COA's available 
on the Algae Biomass Exchange on Linkedin.

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