The Bad Algae

Harmful algae blooms are affecting fishing, swimming, tourism, real estate values, local economies and are a health risk to humans and animals. They worsen every year and can affect drinking water. Action is needed!

A collaboration between nutrient stewardship agriculture, algae production and algae bloom/HAB  remediation technologies to help reduce nutrient runoff at nonpoint sources entering waterways and increase bloom remediation results on lakes and coastlines in real-time.


The Good Algae

Microalgae and macroalgae cultivated in clean water 
and in a controlled environment​.

A collaboration of commercially-minded algae researchers and algae producers of microalgae 
for nutraceutical Omega 3 EPA/DHA -astaxanthin, ingredients, food, feed and high-value bioactive compounds and extracts of bioactive molecules for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and health care industries. 

Note: Samples of algae powders and tonnage of biomass 
with COA's available on the Algae Biomass Exchange(tm) on Linkedin.

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